How To Promote Your App For Free (Mobile App Marketing Strategy)

Promote Your App For Free?; Working with a mobile app development company has given me a remarkable opportunity to work with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs. All of them tell stories about spending a lot of time and resources to make their app the best it can be.

I even consulted with people who created an app for their church.

Anything else from carefully positioning the most important widgets, finely designed layout templates, and entertaining instructional content. After endless hours of expert attention to detail, many companies still do not achieve the popularity they have wished for. Instead of thousands of users flooding the app store to install the app, they get only a hundred.
The first feeling is that the material may not be as fantastic as it should have been. Doubt starts crawling in, and immediately we’re asking if making an app may have been a wrong move from the start. As convincing as your inner suspicions may be, we believe otherwise.

Developing an app opens a whole new avenue that helps you connect with your existing and future customers—a sanctuary where your loyal audience will still have access to you with a single touch. Your app is a space that can be completely tailored to your needs. In most situations, the problem is not the software itself, but rather the key step too often skipped after the app is made, the promotion.
Your app has had a lot of time and resources grafted in its development; the last thing you want to do as a business owner and developer is to waste it all away by not marketing your app.

Typical Example Of How To Promote Your App For Free

Imagine a trendy restaurant that’s opening up the street in your area. The restaurant opens its doors brightly and early without informing a soul. Everything it has done to advertise itself is to put a sign outside its door reading, “Come in! ”. Here, the restaurant has helpful employees, top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, and the best mouth-watering croissants you’ve ever eaten.

The day passes, and the owner is frustrated. His restaurant was expected to be a crushing success. He undertook thorough research to give his clients as much expertise as possible, but no one came in. The day was dragging on, and by the time of the closing, the restaurant had served only about 20 people. The owner is at home drinking a hot cup of coffee, reading over his marketing proposal, still trying to find out what’s missing.

Anyone reading this could already find it clear that its owner should undoubtedly have taken a different approach to market his restaurant. Posters were to be posted all over the area, a grand opening ceremony followed by a press conference, and a devoted social media campaign to let people know about his grand opening. But as dumb as it may sound to read this example, this is precisely the sort of mistakes that many business owners have made.

All of their efforts are focused on the development of outstanding products. Things, which are necessarily never a negative thing, should be as value-driven and high-quality as possible. The concern is that the importance of these products is not marketed as effectively as they can be. So all this hard work is never given the thoughtful attention it deserves.

Rule of Thumb As Example

The general rule of thumb is to devote as much time marketing your product as you do making it. If you’ve spent two days writing a blog post, so spend the next two days spreading your blog post to as many sources as you can.

While you promote your app for free, The more you advertise your content, the smoother and quicker the process gets. We recognize that small companies do not have a huge budget to commit to marketing or promotional activities. Those who have the money may notice that they have only a few outlets to promote their content.

We’ve compiled 12 tried-and-tested approaches to guide you on how to market your app successfully. These moves will only take your time, and we are sure that if you adopt them, you will see a big boost in the number of followers and downloads you have already.

Let’s get to it.

1. Get in Touch

Mobile app promotion starts long before you get it to the market. Until you start asking your marketing team to start designing your product with a million different things, reach out to your customers, and speak to them. Overall, you want to be sure that everything you’re designing will only be perfect for them.

You will continue to reach out to your clients by first making a list of every single person you’ve ever sold to and even others who’ve just signed up for your newsletter. Give them an email and ask for 5 to 10 minutes of their time.

Your customers are busy people, so try to give something back to your customers to support you—Incentives the customers by offering them a special discount or other forms of educational material. When you’ve got their attention, ask them a few questions, and get an idea about what they may be looking for in the app.

Area of concentration

You want to consider your existing and future customers’ preferences for your app. By going through this process, you will begin to discover the holes you might have never seen before, and you will have effectively created a bond between yourself and your clients. By including your clients in the product design process, not only are you subtly advertising the app, but you’re making sure that the app you create suits the people you appeal to.

Your customer is the bedrock of your business, so keep them involved in every application creation process. The following is a quotation from Bain and Co. to help explain our message:

…5 percent rise in customer retention can increase a business’s profitability by 75 percent.

Keep your clients updated about your app’s vision and ask them what they would actually want to see in it. How do you make the app smarter and more useful to them? Know, your client has their own crowd, and if you can persuade them, you’re going to strike all the right notes to improve your popularity and remain in control.


2. Get In Touch With Influencers

Marketing the app will often stretch beyond the normal sphere of reach, and sometimes these international connections are just what your business needs. Developing truthful, genuine, and mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers can go a long way towards helping to market your app.

Influencers are persons who have the ability to affect the shopping and participation decisions of a particular group of people. Company owners reaching out to influencers or writers should present genuinely important material to the influencers and their target audience. While some advertisers also give monetary rewards in return for influencer marketing, we suggest that you only find influencers that really represent your business.

Your fans and theirs, too, will soon keep up with the influencer being paid to act on your behalf. The last thing you want is for people to believe like you’re “faking” how amazing your company is. Genuine sponsorships will benefit the business a lot better and create a greater follow-up.

Let the influencers know that you’re building or that you’ve created an app. Ask if you can have some time with them to explore the apps’ progress or collect feedback. If you want them on board, send them their own part of the app or work to create an app that caters to all of your needs. If you plan to go for one of these options, make sure your beliefs, desire, and customer are aligned.

3. Make Use of Your Mobile Website

If you have a current website that is completely functioning and mobile-friendly, then your platform could be one of the best tools to promote your app. In one way or another, all your clients or anyone involved in your business will make their way to your website. When they do, it’s important that they all know you’ve got an app.

Having your app on your website could mean separating a section of your site specifically for the app, like the corner of the screen or the middle of the web page. While this strategy can lead to more downloads, we consider an alternative solution. Instead of putting it exclusively on your blog, trigger a pop-up screen anytime anyone visits your site.

This way, the app is the first thing the audiences can see. The pop-up page is merely a subtle reminder that you have an app and that your clients should either update the app or proceed to use your mobile site.

4. Feature the App in an Official Blog

In addition to including the app on your page, linking it to your daily scheduled blog post is another networking tactic you can exploit. You may do this by writing a full blog post exclusively for your product or calling the action at the end of a blog post to encourage your visitors to use the app.

When creating an app-only blog post, compose a full tale about your app and let your target audience know the intent behind it. Tell them how this app will make life simpler and easier for them, including your software descriptions, photos, and videos to help everyone get a clear understanding.

5. Feature The App in Your Emails/Newsletters

Your new app must be integrated into every phase of your marketing, including all your communications. As a company, you’ll send countless emails, and it’s a lost opportunity not to include your app in each.

Whether from your tech support, your newsletter, or even the email approving payment, every email received should have a one-line footer promoting your app. Include specifics about what can be done with the app and a connection to the download page.

Emails still have a charm if used in the correct situations. According to the Exact Goal report, “91% of people check their email daily.” Capitalize by inserting the app connections into newsletters, customer care communications, and even making email signatures a practice.

For more email marketing stats, review this piece.

6. Create a Demo A Promotional Video

Videos are a simple way to highlight what your stunning, well-built app has to offer. Build a short 30-second advertisement with brilliant concepts for your demo video: Why, How, what It does.

Assign a team to work on this video. More than one individual’s collective minds can help you complete tasks quicker, with fewer mistakes. Know the demo video isn’t supposed to remain the way it is now. Your videos and content can be updated weekly or monthly.

When you finish making your prototype video, use your social network and other channels for advertising your app. You should use your prototype video in your blog article, Instagram, and Youtube channels.

See a slight example below for a social networking App.


7. Consider Alternative App Stores

Don’t focus exclusively on Google Play & App Store; there are various other online app stores where you can submit your app. According to One Network Base, if an app is sent to other comparatively less popular stores, the predicted downloads would be 200 percent higher than Google Play.

There are some outstanding app stores to consider:

Please get the complete list of alternative apps store to promote your App.

8. Apply for Awards

To Promote your app for free, active participation in in-app awards is one of my most recommended platforms, and I would strongly suggest using it. It will send you lots of publicity, visibility, ratings, and downloads. While the odds of winning depend on the presentation and app concept, if you manage to do it correctly on the first try, you should prepare to experience a little stardom.

These are some of the most famous app awards sites:

You should also try SEO; yeah, I’m talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not ASO (App Store Optimization); what happens is that your app URL appears in search results when users search key-in related queries; for instance, when they look up music applications, you want your app to start showing up in the first 5 entries or so until users hit Enter.

It would be best if you found “best-targeted” keywords to rank to promote your app for free. Analyze which keywords your app currently ranks for, create quality links to improve your app search rankings.

Try these two cool resources for this.

9. App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google Play and App Store; it is one of the most important ways to promote your app for free. Much like search engine optimization, the definition focuses on keyword specificity, search relevance, and keyword density.

With almost half of US iPhone users browsing for applications, the product overview is one of the most critical items you will concentrate on in your mobile app marketing operations.

It’s also quick to get started with competitor analysis across sites like App Annie, where you can search for “Utility App” to see what applications are popping up and their rating.

Take Nice App Screenshot

10. Politely Respond To All Your Reviews

If your customers consider writing a review, no matter how long, that promote your app for free, so please take the time to respond. Too many businesses make the error of merely leaving an automatic consumer note. Not only can this turn away clients, but the rating score would also decrease dramatically for customers who believe you don’t care about their complaints.

I understand how insulting and rude some customers can be, but regardless of what they say, let them know you’re working to fix the issue by listing the actions you’re taking to solve their problem. Be sure to apologize in your reply if they’re not happy and suggest a way to change their experience. When the client is pleased, appreciate them for their loyalty, and find a way to reward them. After all, they’re here to make you thrive.

11. Use Your Social Media

Considering its strong emphasis on most businesses, social media is also a somewhat under-used medium of promotion. Sending a message once is a good idea, but sending it several times over a month or two is much better.

A typical Facebook profile post hits 16 percent of the user base of the page. Now, if you take the same post, re-write it 4 or 5 times, and send it out once a week for 5 weeks, you potentially hit 80 percent of your Facebook page audience.

See how much it makes a difference.

If you deliver anything like a mobile app, it’s a huge hit for the business, and it can imply any variety of things for the consumers. Make sure they get a response by re-posting the same material, but with a new message.

12. Host a Contest

To Promote Your App For Free doesn’t always mean that you have to distribute it yourself across every platform; it can even mean sparking a little flame and making your customers race to the finish line. Creating a contest inside your app will enable the customers to download the app and keep it in place for the rest of the contest.

Your app should have a live leaderboard so that users can still be aware of where they stand in the rankings. Set up the contest so that consumers have a range of ways to ascend the ranks, either by interacting with your organization, sharing the app, or making their friends sign up. Customers should also know when to check in for notifications.

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