Yearly Business Plan

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$143.07 / 12 months

This solution gives you more freedom and access to our platform;

  • You have access to premium modules and features.
  • You have more modern and structural templates in your editor.
  • You can send unlimited push notifications to your customers or application users.
  • You can monetize your app with 100% total control administered to your account; you may choose to show ads in your apps or not
  • 24/7 professional and fast customer support
  • You can see advanced app statistics, e.g., the number of users that opens your push notifications, Active users, and Force Update.
  • Access to two ads network, Google Admob and Appnext


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YEARLY BUSINESS PLAN (: This solution is for users who wish to have total control over ads displayed in their apps and more. Read product details.

22 reviews for Yearly Business Plan

  1. Boyles Daniel

    Amazing. Now I have total control over ads

  2. Dak Jock

    It was not easy to get

  3. Dak Jock

    It’s very important to have the opportunity to be able to do it and I will be able to do this app

  4. Suraj Gautam


  5. Suraj Gautam


  6. Shaik Umar


  7. Ahsan Shah

    Good luck

  8. Vijay Verma


  9. Harish


  10. Jalaluddin Attari

    Now I have total control over ads

  11. Jalaluddin Attari

    The platform swift speed app creator

  12. satyam singh


  13. Nitin Makasare


  14. Nitin Makasare

    Good 👍

  15. Lalchand Sharma

    Good very good

  16. Lalchand Sharma


  17. Lalchand Sharma

    Mind blowing

  18. mostafa Amr


  19. Emmy nice


  20. Emmy nice


  21. Shiv Ram


  22. Situ Banten

    real-time chat feature, is it in this package?

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