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Please copy the highlighted source code and paste it into the SOURCE CODE feature on your app editor. Kindly be informed that the source code feature is not available for free users; you have to upgrade to a paid plan of $10 per month or $59 per year to access the Source Code feature.

Please kindly see this guide on how to integrate this source code into your app; if you want more quality games, you can buy the games pack or other games source code here.



NUGGET SEEKER GAME: With Our App builder, you can create a Nugget Seeker game without coding.

5 reviews for NUGGET SEEKER GAME

  1. Rohit

    Anger hunter

    • Publishing Team


  2. mustafa Sheikh

    The good game

  3. mustafa Sheikh

    Angerhunter game

    • Ssu-Technology Limited

      Close, 🙂

  4. Avuyile


  5. Shane Brown

    It may be free, but dont let that fool you the game is entertaining!

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