Services are now restored back to normal


First of all, we appreciate your immeasurable patience while we resolve the issues with our platform and we regret any inconveniences you must have encountered in attempt to access and manage your application.

please be informed that we have changed your EDITOR access login URL from


The documentations page can now be accessed at

Our official website remains



    • Enter your email address and password, if you don’t remember password, click on password reset option, a new password will be emailed to you, if you don’t find it in your email check your spam folder and mark NOT SPAM


    • After login in click on publish tab and  regenerate Apk of your application. Be informed that for your app to work correctly It is necessary to regenerate a new Apk under your publish tab.


    • After two minutes refresh the page and you should find the Apk download link. If you don’t find this in 3 minutes check your Email and spam folder for the new Apk. Download and republish your application back to google play and app store respectively.


Should you have question or issues with this kindly reply back to this email. I or one of my colleagues will help you at no extra cost.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Best Regards

Jane T

Technical Support Team