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Update Your SDK and App To Target Android API 29

Today, We rolled out quarterly updates to ensure your app supports Android API 29. Google play minimum API level requirement has recently been updated, and Android 11 has been rolled out by Google. All Apps in the google domain “Google Play” are expected to meet the minimum API level requirement by August 3rd, 2020. If you publish a new version of your app and your API still targets 28, your app will be rejected. Grace period set for updating the existing app to target the new minimum API Level is Nov 2nd, 2020.


Here is the newsletter from the Google Play team.


TargetSDK – Android 10 (Android API 29):

August 3, 2020: new apps must target at least Android 10 (API level 29).
November 2, 2020: all app updates must target at least Android 10 (API level 29).


As you already know, our commitment to keeping your app updated from time to time remains firm. We have successfully carried out this update, and you can now publish the latest version of your apps on Google play or update an existing one. It is important to note that your app will no longer support Android KitKat 4.4.3 or below. OS is evolving every day, and of course, google expects every android user to be on at least 5.0 as there have been many security updates and patches since android 4.0.


As always, existing features and other bugs you have reported in the earlier version have also been fixed. See below for details.




Increase thetargetSDKto level29as per the Google requirements.


Pre-loads parts of the application cache after cache clear. This is to ensure that your app loads faster.



Allows to setstep/incrementto 0 to disable the validation.


Improves remote media URI validator.


RemovesRedissession option, as not being supported with the latest modifications, and enforces back MySQL.

Note: due to the latest improvements, MySQL sessions are now bearable and don’t affect overall performances.


Fixes order options pricing display on PDF.


Fixes CSS position on Android devices.


Fixes CSS position of titles overlapping images when in the landscape mode.


We hope that you enjoy the new fixes. To update your app to the latest version on Android and comply with Google’s newly required API level, kindly login to your dashboard, click on Publication Tab and scroll down; you’ll see the below options. Kindly click on generate APK. for Apple Iphones click on generate source code and import to your XCODE

How To Update Your SDK and App To Target Android API 29


Android API 29


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