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Business Goals

5 Ways To Achieve Your Business Goals

People often ask how most successful people achieve their business goals; most of the time, we set personal goals and business goals, all of which are very important. This idea is rational; as far as we see, there is a series of easy to follow and successful template of objectives that may be a solution…


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The 5 App Design Phase in Application Development

Fundamentally, application development can be broken down into a series of different phases. The number of app design steps varies for each person, depending on how one organizes various tasks. How well the users will receive the app will depend on the design. If you hurry into the design process, the result may suffer. It…


app development

App Development: 7 Things You Should Consider Before Building An App

Technology, software, and app development are transforming into something far more realistic. Having an app or using an application on the phone is simpler than ever. Two reasons are responsible for the change: 1st, the mobile phones' growth and endless possibilities of creating mobile apps, and 2nd, the spatial increase in smartphone use.Before smartphones, it…


Android Vs iOS Users

Android Vs iOS Users: 5 Behavioral Comparison

Before I highlight my viewpoints on Android Vs iOS user's arguments; Let me define and break down Android and iOS. Android Vs iOS Users: Behavioral Comparison What is Android? The Android operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel under the GNU General Public License and other open-source software designed primarily…