5 New Mobile App Ideas You Can Steal

Brainstorming mobile apps ideas and developing an app is both self-expression and a representation of what we find lacking in the world. We are diving deep into who we are, what we love focusing on, and what needs to be fulfilled. For a first-timer, an app concept can be incredibly overwhelming, especially with endless possibilities like creating a company app.

Unpredictability has always sparked fear among designers. No one love making something. Spending hundreds of dollars and hours building things that couldn’t bring real positive outcomes. Fear of losing our investment to a bad idea is terrifying but not spontaneous. But new mobile app ideas are actually quite fast, to begin with.

Creative Thinking

Mobile App Ideas

Good mobile app ideas and creative thinking are not a gift offered to a chosen few, but rather a mechanism by which all of us can carefully pursue step-by-step approaches to find our own solutions to any dilemma. If you’re an experienced app builder or a beginner, I’ve composed a couple of tips to challenge and help you create the next masterclass.

I will commence by suggesting that you first examine your own capabilities, then extend to analyze your market, in which you will carry out a broad examination of your business, and finally encourage you to widen your vision by studying sectors entirely unrelated to your own. All of this is going to help you come up with new mobile app ideas.

I hope that at the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of the concept of development of innovation so that you can continue to represent both yourself and those around you to a higher degree of creativity.

Suppose you’re in a decent place to develop new mobile app concepts; you can white label them and profit with the right productive business.

Take a Closer Look at Yourself Before you Venture Into Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Ideas Swiftspeed Appcreator

Nobody knows you better than you, well, at least that’s how it should be. When a business starts, it is usually substantially different from the same company 1, 3, or 5 years later. Employees will come and go, approaches have dramatically changed to remain important, previous mistakes have generated new possibilities, and progress has motivated innovation. The business you have now will not be close to what it was when it began.

The first step in creating mobile application innovations is to discover what that business has grown to be. This is typically the moment for many businesses to start looking at their strengths and vulnerabilities. We encourage you to dig a bit deeper to figure out what makes the business special. Examine your company’s physical presence, the “brain,” otherwise known as the people who work for your company, the attributes of your company, and eventually the pressure points.

Is your business’s actual presence a typical brick and mortar, a computer company, anything in between? More specifically, how important is your organization’s physical image in terms of how you do business?

Brick or Mortal Type of Business?

Brick and mortar businesses had the luxury of facing their clients. They walk up to one, strike a pleasant chat, and answer all of their queries. Building a successful relationship becomes a little more normal when the user is there, and you can pick up on the signals you’d never learned online: preferences, fashion, and lifestyle.

Brick and mortar businesses are developing structures that mainly address local consumer demands and expectations. Because much of their customers are locals, their tactics are geared to long-term customer satisfaction and retention. Most of what they do is build connections with customers by deep participation in their personal development and neighborhood growth.

Digital businesses are fortunate to be part of a corporate infrastructure. They are open to any customer worldwide by providing their own online presence on a website, app, blog, or clip. Digital organizations may create partnerships from around the world and must plan programs to capture individual client information.

Typically, virtual businesses aim to create a huge email list to remain connected with all their clients. Getting someone’s email ensures you can exchange relevant content, exclusive offers, and call for a moment to review or interview questionnaires.

Is Your Business A Digital One?.

Digital businesses are developing networks and trust everywhere in the world. Their tactics concentrate on increasing focused consumer follow-ups, promoting customer-to-customer promotion, collaborations with influencers, and

In-between firms are already in industries. Some businesses can manage to shift their location constantly. They love the luxury of incorporating various products where they do business according to their own personal interest and client desire.

Enterprises build structures to complement their resilience. Because their customers are continually shifting due to their position change, they devise plans to respond to changing demographics while preserving long-term partnerships with their customers. Strong online presence with increasing awareness of local cultures and adapting to their surroundings can aid this enterprise.

After analyzing your company’s “appearance,” it’s time to look at the brains behind what you do in your company, your employees. The actions your workers take will inherently impact the company’s priorities, perception, and operation.

Managing Your Employees

Mobile App Ideas

Take the time to get the workers to know who they are and what qualities they possess. This will allow you to understand better the industry’s culture, which plays a significant role in what the company will deliver for app creation. You will find that each worker will view the app development process from a different angle, with considerable variation in every aspect.

All the workers play a special role in the business. By using them in the process of making iOS and Android apps, you’re opening up to a mountain of opportunities you may have skipped completely. You’ll discover what your app lacks by engaging with people who make up every part of your company.

Each of the staff faces their own particular challenges and is part of customer service in one way or another. Keep them interested and able to change their suggestions. Getting a slice of each of your workers would make the product sound like a business-wide ongoing endeavor that not only puts the company together but affirms that the app answers every angle.

Other Businesses as Example

Looking at what the other business actually would help you decide which ideas fit your general theme. The company’s standards proclaim to stand behind, and the actions it ultimately performs will determine the company’s integrity.

Begin by looking at your mission statement. Truthfully evaluate your content, business model, objectives, and ambitions to see how you held faithful to your beliefs. Your customers evaluate any production you make. Consistency and authenticity are mandatory for any blog entry, text, call, discount, and sale. Breaking away from your word breaks your customers’ trust, which can cause them to take their businesses elsewhere.

Ask Yourself This Questions Before Your Proceed:

  • Can my business give unique solutions to be a brick-and-mortar, virtual, or on-the-go organization?
  • What kind of qualities do my own employees possess?
  • Does the company’s culture allow cooperation, or is everybody on their own?
  • Am I interested in the development of apps for my employees?
  • Have I asked my staff for their input on whether they thought they should be included in the app?

Take a Closer Look at Your Customers

A significant step in creating app ideas is to make a personal connection with those you wish to serve. As their giver, you want to match their every need, want, and complaint. You will learn a lot about your consumers by watching (focusing on behavior) and listening. Do your consumers want an iPhone app? Want an Android app?

See your customers connect with your product and industry. Please pay attention to where they spend their time. Map the direction taken by using your product and visiting your website. Your consumers respect their time, and if they want to give you any value, obviously.

After figuring out where your customers spend their time navigating through your material, start talking to them. Do all you can to hold discussions with them to know just how they feel about your product and industry. Please give them a questionnaire, try scheduling calls, and build structures inside your website and app to encourage your consumers to send feedback still, so you know exactly what to do next.

Another approach is to start a directory with each customer getting their own file. If you are not accustomed to having a detailed list of client questions and grievances, start doing so now – this will help you recognize the most important problem sources and find solutions to address them.

Banking App As Example

My bank provides both online banking and a banking app, and both software and services are similar. Why the duplication? Customer convenience: if I’m on the move and have access to my mobile device only, logging into the banking app is quicker and easier than logging into the banking website.

The convenience alone doesn’t actually fix a significant pressure point, but making the details available with an interface brings you closer to your clients. Spice Bistro & Bar, like most restaurants, have menu items that vary regularly. This information is now accessible through their app. Most importantly, consumers can opt to send it through a regular push notification, ensuring they can meet their customers even though they don’t open the app daily.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What systems do I have to cultivate customer relationships?
  • How else can consumers connect with my products?
  • Where do customers invest even more in my business?
  • What else do I know about my customers?
  • Will my paid customers have their own profiles?

Take a Closer Look at Your Business Plan

A strategic plan is your business blueprint. It’s the framework you create on any intricate piece that essentially makes up your market. Focus on revisiting the original short-term and long-term targets, future development plans, and mission/vision statements. Look at this in combination with any of the above points to define any targets that may be accomplished or supported by using applications.

Looking at your previous ambitions, you’ll realize you’ve got new solutions to all of your past issues. Using your latest global experience to discover new solutions to fulfill your short-term, long-term app ideas strategies. Find opportunities to integrate many of these solutions in a mobile app. What kinds of functionality, architecture, and resources does your new app require to help you reach your goals?

Questions to ask:

  • Is there a clear line for any division to give ideas to the retailing team?
  • What aspect of my business can I move over to the mobile app?
  • Will the mobile app be helping me generate new sources of revenue?
  • Will the mobile app help fulfill the company’s goals?

Take a Closer Look at Your Industry

The business you’re in is constantly evolving to suit its target consumer needs and desires. The methods you’re using today won’t be as effective in a few months or a year. Generating ideas is as constant as keeping up-to-date with developments. Your mobile app ideas should represent current market expectations and preferences.

Finding recent innovations is as easy as opening your window and reading through a dozen analytics apps, blog posts, and expert forecasts. The only constraint is our ability to adapt to the methods they discover.

There is so much detail that deciding the pattern or policy to pursue can be daunting and even paralyzing. After all, not every trend or tactic extends specifically to the targeted audience. In comparison, others prefer blind guess and adjust with strong expectations of success. I found some tools to help you make a similar, measured decision.

Websites to explore:

Keep Tight Marking With Your Competitors and Explore Their Ideas & Mistakes

Undoubtedly, your rivals are doing their best to outclass you. This turned out is beautiful. Your rivals will do their best to keep up-to-date on the current developments, find fresh and creative approaches and aspire and imitate a few of your innovations. And why is this so great?

First, off the rivals, all have a squad of successful people trying their best to win. When they introduce their techniques, you can refine them, adding your own spin. This is known as a reactive growth strategy. You’re waiting for your rivals to act, then taking their idea and morph to be yours. If you do this sort of tactic, you will still keep up with your rivals by replicating their work.

Through digging deep into your rivals’ tactics, you will start breaking them down into components and reverse engineering your own masterpiece. Note, the ultimate aim here is not to imitate any of your rivals, but then I recommend using their tactics as a resource to create your own designs. Generating mobile app ideas doesn’t often come up with innovations or mechanics; it’s mostly about bridging the void that others couldn’t close.

  • What are the rivals’ strategies?
  • What techniques make them most successful?
  • Which tactics haven’t worked for them?
  • What components do people want your rivals to rebuild?
  • What limitations do you see in the tactics of your competitors?
  • Can you build your own mobile app ideas using your market experience?

Look Beyond Your Business Niche

So many businesses fall into the trap by remaining stuck in the bubble of their own industry. They pay so much attention to “best practices” that cater exclusively to a particular business. All of these businesses wind up melting together to create a very similar experience in the long term. Generating new mobile app ideas doesn’t come from merely taking the same idea and applying a fresh coating to it. It comes from bridging discrepancies, often between two very unrelated principles.

Strengthen your company, app ideas, and features by introducing concepts from a range of unrelated industries. Here are a few ideas for what to learn from a few sectors.

  • Read about the compelling and interactive activities of the gaming industry.
  • Learn how to produce elegant and stunning templates from the graphic design industry
  • Learn how to generate buzz and action from the apparel industry
  • Master the craft of the immersive and captivating stories of the writing industry
  • Understand the teaching methods of the education sector
  • Study the accounting industry’s accuracy and balance

Mobile App Development Ideas

Mobile App Development Ideas

If you’re trying to conceive a new app idea on your own, here are 10 different ideas for creating a mobile app that you can steal. Take these basic app suggestions to a developer to build an iOS and Android app, or do it yourself using Swiftspeed Appcreator.

1) Fitness Buddy Mobile App Ideas

Fitness Buddy is here to facilitate your personal development so that you can reach the degree of fitness you deserve. The app launches by evaluating how fit/active the user is. Then ask your customer what “what is your ideal fitness level?”.” The App also asks the user to mention any disabilities or restrictions. After that, Workout, Buddy would ask its users to list how many days a week and how long they would like to exercise during the day.

When all this information is compiled, App gives users a prescribed list of workouts. Including prescribed iterations, how many hours a day, and how many days a week. Fitness Buddy can also consider menstrual periods for woman consumers and change workouts to match their bodies’ reduced capacity during these cycles. This App has a special feature that helps you to prescribe a normal volume of water and protein. Fitness Buddy is here to defend and encourage the well-being of the customer. Revenue streams can be introduced into a “pro-service” that allows customers access to fitness schedules and diet plans or even ads.

2) Your Voice Translation App Idea

Language is no longer a barrier. Using the “Your Voice Translation” app principle encourages people to talk on their phone and automatically translate their words into the language they choose. The software will first have two people seated across from each other and a phone in between. Users will then choose their native tongue. Two bubble buttons will appear after that. One in blue with user A and the other in red with user B. Users then switch to the app by clicking their colored button first. When the colored button is pressed, the screen will also change to that color and tell the language’s name to be spoken. Users turn out to be speakers and listeners.

Once the speaker is done, and the listener has to answer, the only thing the listener has to do is double-click the computer, automatically turning to the listener’s language. Enable the audience to talk now. Future changes could include a “subtitles” mode that speaks the language and produces a live script for people to watch and look back. This app would make a perfect travel guide for any traveler and could easily be used by public speakers, schools, politics, gatherings, and anyone studying a foreign language.

3) Order Delivery Aggregator App Idea

Tracking your shipment is never a simple job, particularly when you purchase from multiple vendors that ship through multiple distributors. If you buy from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Victoria’s Secret, you must log in to each account separately to verify your order status. This app gives you a place to access all your transactions collectively.

By granting this app access to your order history, it instantly changes your order status. Save the time and hassle of signing into several websites to see where each shipment is. You can also register parcels shipped by you and your loved ones by manually entering the tracking number and courier name.

4) Recipe Aggregator Mobile App Ideas

Often what you have is a few ingredients and a formula you’ve used so many times. So if your foods tend to taste slightly odd, then it’s time to mix things up. This app helps you to enter a list of all cooking ingredients. Then the app will take your ingredients and check hundreds of recipes for these ingredients. Recipes can be filtered depending on grades and cooking time. When you select the recipe you want, follow the step-by-step directions to help you create your masterpiece. Or if you’re too busy to prepare, you can press a “find near me” button with this dish to find restaurants near you.

5) Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

AR (augmented reality) defines the future. Right now, some applications also leverage AR technologies. Furniture retailers like Ikea use virtual reality mobile apps to give their customers a deeper idea of how items appear at home before they buy them. This can help users with pre-purchase color, size, and general aesthetics. App creators are still brainstorming new ways to exploit virtual reality.


This is just extra—my personal take and judging from experience. Open Google Play or App Store, Navigate through available apps in your niche. Download them and think about how you can make them better. Make your own version with improved and enhanced features.

Summary & Conclusion on Mobile App Ideas

Simple mobile app ideas are really effective. This is the first step to take when contracting a mobile app development company or beginning a mobile app project.

We established relationships with our clients to know the precise needs of the businesses we serve. Get a glimpse of our strategic masterpiece, see how we should achieve our previous targets, and hold to our principles. Also, we opened channels among our marketing team to enable a smooth transition of app ideas to refine our marketing process.

We analyzed software that helps us keep up-to-date on our industry’s new developments. We studied rivals and used their inventions with our own creativity. And then, we jumped head-on into other businesses to learn their best practices and then back into our own market.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of how you can obtain new mobile app ideas. There’s no special way to develop mobile app ideas, really, but there’s a method that comes together seamlessly and can be carefully explored in any area of your market.


A copy of 5 New Mobile App Ideas You Can Steal can be found on Live Journals.

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