How To Avoid App Store Rejection

How To Avoid App Store Rejection

How To Avoid App Store Rejection: With our App Maker; You can create cross-platform mobile apps without coding. Getting your mobile app on the Apple “App Store” is not the usual Yada Yada, unlike Google Play; Please patiently read this article on how to avoid App store rejection.

Although all app developers dream of launching a popular mobile app, the kind that goes viral gets many critical acclaims and generates bucketloads of cash.

Of course, this is easier said than done: if you want installs, you need exposure. With over 4000 apps downloaded every second in 2019, the Apple App Store is one of the places to be.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as submitting an app and sitting back and watching the money roll in; first, the app needs to be approved.

Today, I want to help you take the first step towards owning a good app by giving tips on how to get your app approved by the Apple App Store.

Note: As a paying subscriber, you won’t have to think about the application submission process because our team of professionals will do it for you.

How To Avoid App Store Rejection

How To Avoid App Store Rejection

1. It Should Be Bug-Free

Apple places a high value on supplying its users with a better user experience. All applications are carefully reviewed to preserve this credibility until they can be downloaded from the App Store.

Apple recognizes that an app full of glitches would disappoint customers, so they want it as far away from their store as possible. If the software has some bugs, Apple’s thorough tests will notice it, and they’ll deny it. Before uploading, make sure your app is free of any flaws, bugs, and defects.

2. Follow the Guidelines

Apple has a strict set of guidelines that your app must meet to be accepted into the App Store—a key set of criteria that Apple believes will significantly increase user experience. These include rules on advertising, user interface, and content objectionable (violent, racial, pornographic, or defamatory.)

Failed to meet all of these criteria, and your app will be speedily rejected. Familiarize yourself with all 177 of them and check them out one by one—only when you’re super pleased to satisfy all of them should you even consider the submission.

3. It Should Offer Value

If your software doesn’t offer users quality, App Store would most definitely deny you. The App Store already has more than 3 million apps; if your app doesn’t deliver something new, dull, or pointless, Apple probably doesn’t care.

4. Make the First Submission Simple

Evidently, you want to create an app that truly wows the audience—because an app with all the bells, whistles, and fancy functionality is more likely to excite users.
However, please keep it simple when you first upload your app. Strip the design to its simplest framework, when the most time-consuming initial clearance phase is the most critical to get correctly. After that, the potential improvements will go out much faster—if the advanced improvements are denied, it will take you less time.

5. Use a Matching Description

One typical justification for a rejected app is a deceptive description or explanation that does not match the app’s real experience.

Of course, you’re trying to promote your app, but make sure you’re not making promises that your app can’t deliver. Lying about features—or even being ambiguous about your app’s capabilities—is a guaranteed way to get your app on the rejection heap. Make sure that the description of your app is clear and, above all, plausible and realistic.

6. Be Patience

Ultimately, with thousands of applications uploaded every day, it could take Apple some time to review your app—you’re going to have to be careful. For all the strict quality management protocols deployed by Apple, minor delays are possible, Typically Apple review and approve apps within 28hours; if your app is comprehensive and fall in some certain categories that require strict review, Review time may be up to 48hours.

If you want to avoid getting trapped in frustration waiting for the application to be accepted on the App Store, make sure you have to apply the app once—in other words, get the application right the first time.

I hope you enjoyed my article on how to avoid app store rejection.

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