5 Best Google Play and App Store Alternatives

If you are reading this article “Google Play and App Store Alternatives,” My guess? You have probably gotten on the wrong side of one of these stores, or you are new to App development. Despite being a little lenient than their counterparts, Google Play takes policy issues very seriously, and if they found you or your app guilty of multiple or egregious violations of their developer policy, your app or developer account may be suspended altogether. For Apple? You are most likely not going to even get past the review stage if your app is suspicious.

Why do you need Google Play Alternatives?

That is not all. New developers starting their app development journey with zero budget can find it very hard to get on these stores; for example, the Apple iPhone Store, also known as the App Store, will charge a reoccurring fee of $99 to sign up for individual developer account and pay the same amount to keep your app on their store every year. Google Play is a little cheaper with its one-time charge of $25 for a developer account with unlimited app publishing. For a new developer, these charges may still not be affordable. That is why today, I will list other App stores where your app can be published for free.

Google Play and App Store Alternatives:

5. OPPO App Market

OPPO APP Market is an official application and game download & management platform released by OPPO. This company came into the picture a few years ago and has made a name for Itself. They have sold millions of devices, especially in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. Oppo App store will promote your app to their device users through their Market place. You can sign up for a developer account here.

4. Amazon App Store

Amazon is the biggest online market place. They have resources to help you reach your targeted audience due to the nature of their business diversification. Amazon App Store has millions of apps and users who download from Day to Day. It is completely free to have a developer account; please click here to sign-up and start publishing your apps on the Amazon App store for free.


3. (PALM STORE) Transsion Developer

If you use Tecno or Infinix Android device, you must have probably come across a certain Android Store preinstalled with your phone. That’s the official App store developed and owned by Tecno and Infinix Maker; they are the new global app distribution platform, with diversified open capabilities, covers traffic from a wide range of consumer devices, making integration and distribution a possibility all at once. It is free to create a developer account for PALM STORE App publishing.

2. Huwei App Gallery

Huwei was one of the most popular Android Phone Maker until 2019, when they got caught in the middle of the China & America Global trade war. The Android support they received from Google was terminated, which prompted them to make their mobile operating system popularly called Harmony Os.

They also launched their own Android Market called Huwei AppGallery. App Gallery is the official app distribution platform, which is also the world’s first app market to implement a developer identity verification system. It also features a four-layer detection system to ensure app security and leverages proprietary algorithms to enable useful content recommendations. Users can download apps without worrying about security issues. Distributing your App in Huwei App Gallery is free; You can sign up for a developer account by click on this link.


1. Samsung Gallaxy Store

The Samsung store is the best Google Play and App Store Alternatives when it comes to app publishing. With their market value, you can reach billions of Samsung device users. Some of our customers have tested Samsung as an alternative to Google Play and App Store, and they’ve all given great feedback.

The average install per day can go as higher as 1000 installs depending on how relevant and appealing your app is to the users. You can also salvage their promotional tools to get your app to targeted users and have more installs. Their customer support is the best, with a fast response time, prompt and immediate resolution to any problem you may have with your app. It is completely free to signup for an account.


Are you still confused about getting started? Click here to start making Android and IOS Apps for free without coding.

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