How to fix Adsense Ads serving Limits

Best Ways to Fix AdMob and AdSense Ads Serving Limits

Best Ways to Fix AdMob and AdSense Ads Serving Limits; I got notified of a recent uproar in the website and mobile ads network by my Technical Support Team; apparently, some of our customers have AdMob or AdSense ads serving limit issues on their Google publisher accounts. Today I will discuss extensively how to fix this problem and get your ads serving up and running again on your website or mobile application. Before I proceed, let me talk about AdSense and AdMob a little bit.

Google AdSense

This is a Google Product that helps people or publishers generate revenue from their web property, Majorly by placing contextual or banner advertisements on their websites. Google serves as the aggregator and major link between the advertiser and the publisher. I.e., Google convinces advertisers to advertise their products and then place these products, goods, or services as an advertisement on the publisher’s website. The publisher gets paid per click/impression/interaction on these ads by Google. Google takes 32 percent of this revenue and pays 68 percent to the publisher.

How to fix Adsense Ads serving Limits

Google AdMob

Google AdMob is another Google product that helps publishers generate revenue from their mobile apps. Google convinces advertisers to advertise their product and then place these advertisements on the publisher’s mobile application. The publisher gets paid per click/impression/interaction on these ads by Google. Google takes 32 percent of this revenue and pays 68 percent to the publisher.

Difference between AdSense and AdMob

The only major difference between AdSense and Admob is that AdSense is used for websites while Admob is used for Mobile applications; see an example of AdSense ads and AdMob Ads.

AdSense ads example

How to fix Adsense Ads serving Limits

AdMob ads example

Now let us get to the main problem and how to resolve it.

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Google takes this product very seriously as it is also their main source of revenue. This Adsense and Admob program is guided by many paged terms of services and policies to protect their advertisers from being cheated by publishers. Any publishers who breach these agreements or try to circumvent these policies will ultimately be evicted from the network.

Usually in the past. As a Google Adsense publisher, you’d be banned outright if your account is found to violate these policies. Still, they’ve been a little lenient with the publisher over the years, so instead of outrightly banning your account and ending your ability to use their network for monetization, they place ads serving limit on your account to give you a chance to redeem your properties and start sending them useful online traffics that is valuable to their clients (The Advertisers).

NB: AdSense and AdMob maybe two different products; they are related and are the products of the same company (Google), so if you have Ads serving limit on your AdSense account, be rest assured that it will most likely affect your Google AdMob account too because violations are tracked.

What causes the ads serving limits?

Google AdSense and AdMob will place ads serving limits on your publisher account if you are doing the following:

  • Encouraging people to click ads on your site
  • Placing ads where accidental clicks could happen by your site visitor
  • Sending traffic to your website from social media
  • Buying low-quality Traffic (Even facebook traffic or Google Ads traffic itself)
  • Clicking your own ads (This will get you thrown out of the network)
  • Placing ads on-site or app with little or no content
  • Placing ads on forbidden sites like sites that illegally distribute movies, music, filesharing, and other copyrighted contents

Best Ways to Fix AdSense and AdSense Ads Serving Limits

How to fix Adsense Ads serving Limits

How to fix Adsense Ads serving Limits

The Google algorithm and automation may not always be perfect; even the good guys like you can get hit and have your account placed on ads serving limit. This may impact your business revenue, and trust me; I understand how much of a nightmare this could be for businesses and even big companies who rely on ad revenue to pay their employees.

To fix the AdSense ads serving limit is quite simple. I know you have probably tried many things, but your account remains on these Ads serving limit pages in your AdSense account, but this method has worked for 100% of our customers here at Swiftspeed Appcreator. Just follow these steps.

  • Login to your website and remove all AdSense ads unit that you have present
  • Login to your Adsense account, Navigate to Ads >By Ads Unit > and archive all the ads unit you have created so far
  • Now Navigate to By Site and click get AdSense Auto Ads code
  • Go back to your website and paste this AdSense auto ads code being copied from your dashboard
  • Wait till 7 days, and you will see Ads Serving Limit leaves your AdSense account and never return.

You should understand that auto-ads is enough to generate substantial revenue; Google will control when to show ads and where to place ads so you won’t have issues or have to worry about which type of visitors sees your ads and how these ads appear to them and if it could cause an accidental click or not. So Google will optimize your website with auto ads, and Ads serving will be restored to your account.


How to fix AdSense and AdMob Ads Serving Limits

Admob Ads Serving Limits

Fixing Admob Ads serving is a little bit more complicated since there is no Auto Ads for AdMob. but follow this process, it worked for all our customers and app creators on our network that tried

  • The best way is to set up a mediation with another ad network. Google may then use this other Ad network mediation metrics to evaluate your traffic properly. Why is this good for you? When Google fails to serve ads in your app, the other Ads Network in the mediation will serve their own ads, and you’ll generate revenue. See this article on the best AdMob alternative that you can use in a mediation setup.
  • If you are a Swiftspeed Appcreator customer, please follow this article to set up mediation for Facebook Ads (Facebook Audience Network) or set up mediation for the StartApp Ads network.


These methods are proven and have been widely adopted by our clients in solving AdSense ads serving limits issues and Admob Ads serving limits issues. Please comment below if you require additional help on the best ways to solve AdSense and AdMob ads serving limits.

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