Why I Think The Next 5 Years of Mobile Marketing Will Surpass The Last 5

If you’re like a ton of internet retailers who have sunk their toes into mobile marketing water, you must’ve had your first taste of success. And if you’re not in the camp, don’t worry about it. It’s not too late to join.

Mobile marketing can totally turn a company’s revenue from Bla to Baaazingo, and we’ve seen that too many times even to count. Don’t you believe it? Did you know that users spend 89% of their mobile time on applications (according to Nielsen statistics)?

Until now, we’ve been dreaming about where we’re headed in mobile marketing. This is a pink photo. Yet market forecasts show that it’s going to get a lot rosier.

Among all the brand “buzz words” you’ve heard in the last few years, “mobile” is one you’re not meant to ignore; in reality, the latest Econsultancy survey showed that 43 per cent of digital marketers believe that mobile optimization is the most exciting digital opportunity of the year, beating out topics like film, viral, and content marketing.

A Local Issue

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Remember you were able to reference the nearest pizza shop’s website on your iPhone, only to find out it wasn’t mobile friendly? No menu to figure out if they have any of the small shops you’ve been craving for. Yeah, right, onto the next one…

You know, a version of this tale has happened to you – and so many small retailers spend too much attention on local advertisements that they frequently ignore the “low hanging fruit” on the mobile website.

So if you own a small company, that’s good news for you. You might well be ahead of the curve and all of your rivals.

If you’re convinced that mobile marketing is only for big companies, you’re adding to the “I’m not worthy” mindset that prevents so many small enterprises from reaching the scale they deserve.

You are deserving of it. Your company is worth it. Your buyers are deserving of it. Don’t be discouraged by the prices.

If you’re not sure, just read the last three sentences aloud. Because your company isn’t part of a big conglomerate, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete with one. Today, small companies have access to a range of resources that serve to level the playing field. There’s no reason not to take advantage of that.

The mobile phone is the new and future of local marketing. But all right. You’re definitely not going to take my word for it. I get that. Everyone is big on data to believe word of mouth, So here are some figures that could help you shift your marketing strategy to mobile. Read on, man. This is for your own benefit.

  • Roughly 12 out of 30 billion smartphone searches are local (Search Engine Land)
  • Local smartphone searches (340.9 billion) are expected to surpass desktop searches (360 billion) for the first time in 2019 (eMarketer)
  • The number of urban searches for mobile devices quadrupled in 2018 (Local Search Association) (Local Search Association) (Local Search Association)

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What your rivals may already know about the future of mobile marketing?
If the rival is not still on board with mobile marketing, they are likely to consider it. It’s about the debates that were going on while the Internet was fresh and small companies debated whether to buy a domain.

But I don’t know precisely what’s going on in the rivals’ heads; I can tell you what the experts (the wiser ones than us) are thinking.

Personalized messages will be improved – whether the user is searching for a pizza recipe, show them an ad for Dominos advert. The details are going to change depending on the industry; however, you get the picture.

Businesses are taking full advantage of geo-targeting: Where are your clients right now? Oh, they may be right outside your house, but none of you knows it. Don’t just focus on sandwich boards to catch your interest. Savvy companies will be able to boost sales when they are in the geographical area of their store.

Businesses are starting to “Snapchat” advertisements: They might not necessarily be using the Snapchat app, but ads are becoming quicker and even more succinct like Snapchat, WhatsApp status, or Twitter Fleet; they are only available for a specific period of time. 24hours Max.

Multimedia messages are going to make it fun: Normal text messages are going to have to move. Nowadays, those at the storefront are experimenting with rich media messaging that brings email, images, and video to mobile users. These messages are programmed to work whether the phone is an iPhone or an Android device.

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Let us take, for example:

If you’re soaking your toes in mobile marketing waters, you may need to play it safe, to start where everybody else did back in 2010; to copy some old popular campaign. That strategy might work for your company, and it’s certainly a smart idea to study the competition and what they’ve done. Still, if you’re a little more creative, you might want to hop in with both your feet and be an early adopter of one or all of the above mobile marketing trends.

Let me leave you with a few words of advice.

1. Pay attention; what are the opponents doing? How do you attack your mobile strategy in a more customer-friendly manner (i.e., why should your product or service be used over the competitor’s?).

2. Plan – Start dreaming about your approach to mobile devices. What do you want to get out of it, and how do you want consumers to engage with your brand?

3. Make decisions – So many organizations can’t get past the preparation stage, and they wind up spinning their wheels. Understand that it is easier to get flying with your business using mobile marketing and making changes along the line than to hang around complaining about the problems. Relax while you experience maximum success with your business just for going mobile ahead of your competitors.

You can create a mobile app right now for free.

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