Drag And Drop App Builder -Platform Overview

Welcome to our platform. Let’s take you through our platform overview. We have exciting features on our drag and drop app builder. Let us get on with the overview:

Responsive Dashboard and Quick Prototyping

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Use our intuitive software control panel to conveniently develop your app through visual components like drag and drop. Take total control of your app without the involvement of app developers.

  • Click and design type.
  • Drag and Drop features
  • bis_size="{"x":50,"y":996,"w":1339,"h":22,"abs_x":233,"abs_y":2327}">Ready-made templates
  • Sleek appearance with further enhancement

Enrich Your App With Powerful Features With Drag And Drop App Builder.

Features are customizable functionality units that you can select from our App Builder to create your mobile app. Say you decided to add videos to your app, add our YouTube feature, so like magic, you’ve got a whole video playlist option in your app, or add your e-commerce shop, which is as easy as entering your website address in the box and boom, all your product appears. Thanks to our API.

Drag And Drop App Builder -Platform Overview Swiftspeed Appcreator

You can use several of our app builder features to build your app, employ us to build features that are not already applicable, or even build your own unique features to create functionality tailored only for your app-specific needs.

Monetize Your App: Earn money while you do what you love with Drag And Drop App Builder.

There are tons of ways you can implement monetization into your app and start generating revenue.

  • App Store or Play store paid app and purchases.
  • Charge upfront
  • Sourcing for clients and charging to make apps for their business
  • Ads implementation to garner revenue, e.g., Admob, Startapp, Facebook Audience Network
  • Building an E-commerce App or Shop app where products are sold directly.
Use Targeted Push Notification To Keep App Users Engagement & Increase sales.
  • Notifications centered on events.
  • Target a particular app users
  • Send to custom groups of App users based on geolocation.
  • Reminder drip on apps with unopened notifs

Watch all app events in real-time using extensive statical data and chart analytics.

  • See analytics such as open rate and CTR for your push notifications
  • Track downloads
  • Measure feature usage
  • See how many users register in your app
  • See how Many Users open your push notification
  • Discover how often people return to your app
  • Find out what feature drives actions and help retain your users

Hurry now and get started

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