Creative On-Demand Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2022

Creative On-Demand Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2022

As time passes on, app development remains on the brink of a massive leap. According to statistics from Google Play Store in 2021, users worldwide downloaded 111.3 billion mobile apps, up from 76 billion apps in 2018.  There is no stopping it if we talk about future projections and the graph for more apps being developed.  Asides the amount of mobile apps on the market, app developer data are also available, as well as revenue generated.

Creative On-Demand Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2022
17 Creative On-Demand Mobile App Ideas in 2022

Without a doubt, apps generate revenue through a variety of methods, allowing the developer to create even more wonderful apps and companies to expand. The developer’s income graph likewise suggests a significant rising trend in the next years. As a result of all of these summarized statistics reports, app developers, businesses, startups, and users who will take advantage of these mobile applications will have lots of opportunities. Besides, 79% users stop using the app on the next day after they’ve downloaded it. It’s all about coming up with extremely great mobile app concepts in the first place to be competitive.

We live in a digital age with mobile technology, where restaurant food is more in demand than home cooking. On the basis of their need for speed, convenience, and simplicity, on-demand mobile applications have played a critical role in the lives of users. The on-demand mobile application sector has been flourishing recently with some interactive and incredible mobile apps like food delivery apps, taxi/cab ride sharing & booking apps, beauty apps, fitness and health tips apps, and so on, with people spending the majority of their time surfing mobile apps.

On-demand mobile applications have created an instant door to success for consumers since they infiltrated their everyday routine. On-demand mobile app companies like Uber and Amazon not only make people’s life simpler, but they also bring in a lot of money and improve their profile each year.

What type of app do I want to build? Brainstorming during mobile app development could be strenuous. In this article, we shall take you through fascinating ideas for when you want to build your next mobile app. You may want to learn about mobile app development if you’re new to the concept.

Here are some amazing Android and iOS app ideas that you can start developing right away come 2022. Even beginners will find some of these suggestions simple to execute. Use one of the open-source Swiftspeed Appcreator samples as a starting point.

17 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas

1) On-Demand Taxi/Cab App

on-demand mobile apps in 2022

Being a newbie in the city is nothing short of a big responsibility nowadays.

They are unfamiliar with the locations, culture, and, in particular, the roads. A local transportation app will allow people to take advantage of the routes and commute to work and the market, making it one of the greatest on-demand mobile app ideas for companies. This program will display the city’s information and passageways, together with fares, saving you time.

2) Book review & recommendation App

Because this concept has never been done before, it has a strong chance of being the next great thing. When people go to book fairs or libraries, they typically take out a new book and skim a few pages to get a general idea of what the book is about. What would be ideal if there was an app that provided those reviews figures or ratings from the global internet community? It will not only make the process of choosing a book faster, but it will also assist book marketers in getting their books into the online shop as soon as possible in order to receive evaluations from the community.

This on-demand mobile app concept offers taking a picture of the book cover and then providing the user with all of the reviews and recommendations. The reviews can be retrieved from third-party data sources such as GoodReads, Amazon, or other similar websites.

3) App for the Elderly

The mobile app is getting smarter day by day through Artificial intelligence and internet connectivity. The app also plays a role of a virtual assistant to many users by providing simple tasks such as reminders , notes, medical related apps etc. Besides these basic apps to aid the users, there is a large part of our society that is heavy reliant on external support, either through individual help or technological assistance, is our elderly.

An on-demand mobile app idea that addresses some of the needs of the elderly will be highly praised and acknowledged by the society. These apps could come with any concept which centers on providing relief to the elderly in any form, such as a reminder about their med prescriptions, arranging their bills and dates of expiry to remember, listing down groceries, or list down an emergency contact number for services.

4) Wish Shop

Many e-commerce applications have a shopping basket feature, as well as a wish list option, which allows the user to remember which goods he wants to buy later. The aim of the wish shop, however, is to merely save the product as a favorite and nothing more. The mobile app concept broadens the scope of the wish list’s usefulness. A mobile app might include a function that gives suppliers an incentive by recognizing what a client wants to buy. A client may write about a product or upload a photo to a Wish Shop to inform all manufacturers and suppliers that the website needs a certain product on hand.

5) Image Finder App

How many times have you seen a product online but struggled to locate it in person? Of course, it happens frequently, and it does so with everyone of us. With only a click or a snapshot, you’ll be able to search for items on the 3W’s – the World Wide Web. After all, you may conduct an internet search and obtain a list of online retailers from which to purchase. You may also work with vendors to make some money. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most innovative on-demand mobile app ideas.

6) Car Hire App

Have you heard of automobile rentals before? A person can hire a car from a car dealer, however the Car as a Service model allows you to rent a car directly from car owners without going through a middleman. This app idea has been in the spotlight for a long time, and required steps are being made, but it has yet to be deployed. As a company, this sort of service would be extremely beneficial to those who want to hire a car for a specific number of hours or days, as well as include vital elements that would protect the car owner’s interests while also providing better and cheaper service to the user.

7) Virtual Campuses

This simple on-demand mobile app idea will provide a reliable platform to students for finding an experienced yet accessible tutor across the nooks of the globe. This app lets student connect directly with the tutors round the clock if they fit perfectly.

Taking inspiration from worlds in role-playing games, virtual campuses would be an intriguing re-imagining of education. Modern institutions can take the lead by engaging animators and developers to build a virtual campus with features that can enable: Interaction among students and teachers, class lectures and presentations, and participation in extracurricular activities.

To take it a step further, gamified learning may be implemented in virtual campuses. Studies have shown that introducing gaming mechanics into the learning process positively impact learners’ motivation. Any mobile app ideas within this field are expected to get a lot of traction in 2022

8) On-Demand Consultation App

Due to the nature and sensitivity of the conversations they have with clients, lawyers, business consultants, and medical experts have long operated in face-to-face settings. Last  year, their business, like many others, had to adapt to the changing circumstances.

To cope with ‘the new normal’ in 2021, we relied on a variety of on-demand mobile applications. While we may still contact professionals for advice, a mobile app that allows professionals and their clients to arrange sessions more easily could be beneficial. There is no shortage of firms and individuals promoting on-demand services these days. In the present context, developing a directory of all of these services, for example, may be a ticket to creativity.

9) Virtual Tours

Tourism in many countries has also taken a hard hit this year with the suspension of flights and the introduction of border restrictions. With the need to recover from a 42% drop in revenue, the travel and tourism industry could also turn to technology to stay afloat.

Virtual tours aren’t new, but there is a huge room for improvement for the ones that are currently available. In recent years, 360 photography has helped us realistically experience locations straight from a screen. With more sophisticated AR, VR, and 3D rendering technology today, developing immersive virtual tour apps couldn’t be a far off idea.

10) Gifting App

Finding the ideal present for someone you care about might be difficult (or not so much, in which case things may get harder still). Instead of navigating through crowded stores or surfing the internet page by page, the user may get a pre-filtered list of options. This on-demand mobile app can create this list utilizing public data from that person’s social media profiles, as well as algorithms that are presently utilized in marketing (segment, age group, and other demographic data taken into account).

We missed birthdays, weddings, and other milestone milestones this year due to the pandemic.  Humans, however, are always looking for new ways to interact, and social networking and video chatting applications have helped us accomplish just that this year. There are a few on-demand mobile apps for food delivery, but what if we could book things other than food on the spot? A smartphone app that eliminates the need to visit many gift stores in order to locate one that is appropriate might be a game-changer.

Businesses who want to promote their products via the app can submit some of the data for targeting. The app may also provide an interface for buying the present, as well as comments that the app may use to prioritize search results for other users with similar inquiries.

In addition, any suggestion for a mobile app that allows for virtual presents in 2021 might be extremely warmly received.

11) Telemedicine App

We live in a digital era where we don’t have to physically step into a store to buy medicines; instead, we may have them delivered to us. With the use of technology, clinical treatment may now be delivered to someone who is far away. You won’t have to wait for the clinic because the clinic comes to you here. Another mobile app to look out for.

12) Interior design App with AR

This is another on-demand niche that plainly awaits its providers, as various experts have stated in recent months. The concept is that by directing the device to an available spot, the user may visualize items of furniture or décor from a specific category, saving time on searching the web for alternatives. The software displays costs and pulls suggestions based on accessible offers from online marketplaces/stores depending on the measurements. The benefit to businesses is a form of product placement advertisement that people want to see.

13) Virtual Cook App

What could be more convenient than a virtual chef? Nowadays, the best approach is to use an intelligent cooking app. When you’re stuck with a few alternatives in the kitchen, this app is a terrific way to come up with new ones. Similar to other culinary apps, this one will provide you the recipe but not the ingredients. Instead, it will inquire about the available pieces and provide you with dish recommendations.

14) Blogging platform for creators

This on-demand mobile app idea responds to the frequently posed question, “Should I start an online business with a blog or a website?” The former website was a “static” online presence, while the blog was a site that was updated on a regular basis, with new posts shown in reverse date order. However, a blogging Content Management System is currently the best option, as it meets both requirements. Blogging platform, sounds great!

15) Scheduling Health Check

Health is wealth. Without a question, everyone visits the doctor for their regular checkup, but only if they remember to make an appointment. The newest buzzword in the list of unique mobile app concepts could be “health inspector.” This on-demand mobile app will alert the user if they need to see a doctor or if they have a health test scheduled. It will send you a text message to schedule your appointment and let you know if it has been accepted or not.

16) Meme-i-fier

For meme lovers, this could be an app that takes quick images, detects people, and photoshops them into a meme instantly or any other image. The program could also receive text from the user with 1-2-word clues, such as “Friday night.” By pressing “redo,” the images may be rebuilt with a different image or quickly posted online. This is merely a quick anti-stress humour app for the user. This again gives the company the ability to post product-related photographs to be shared online.

17) Song of the Day App

An app that collects verbal information as input and offers a playlist depending on the day’s mood, which is integrated with internet music platforms like Spotify. If the user is headed to a job interview, for example, it can recommend music about confidence, winning the day, and so on. If speech recognition is added to the app, it may be utilized at a workplace or even at a party to provide highly tailored playlists. As a result, the business receives the ability to promote certain content.

A Final Word

Even the most innovative app concepts may be rendered worthless if they are implemented ineffectively. Developing a potentially fantastic app that customers dislike is really a vital service to the competitor. As word spreads about the app concept, people begin to look for “that kind of app” and wait for someone to seize the idea and construct it precisely how they want it. Before Edison, the light bulb was conceived; he got famous for being the first to create an usable light bulb.

Where should you seek to ensure that your great idea blossoms and bears fruit? Here are a few crucial points to keep in mind:

The user experience is quite important. According to some estimates, every $1 invested on UX generates a return of between $2 and $100. Is your software going to do complicated tasks? Make it easy for the user to use the app, with a minimum of taps, a decent, consistent user interface, and well-thought-out user stories.  Although performance and speed may be uninteresting topics to contemplate, without them, the software itself becomes uninteresting.

What is the user’s next course of action? This has previously been noted, but it cannot be overstated: imagine that the app has accomplished some task for the user. So, what’s next? Is it possible to close it?  Do the next logical thing without the app?  After each encounter with the app, it should clearly direct the user to do something next, such as book a reservation, place an order, rate something, offer immediate feedback, obtain further information, and so on.

The wonderful part about mobile apps is that they are so close to the user that they can engage with them in seconds. To get that prime position, an app must be truly unique – and you are capable of coming up with the perfect concept for one that can benefit your company! Don’t allow your core concept remain a pipe dream: get it realized by an experienced team that can not only ensure that the fundamentals are in place, but also contribute crucial technical and UX insights.


Swiftspeed Appcreator is a Do-It-Yourself software, specializing in helping startups and existing businesses launch their mobile app ideas. If you wish to bringing your mobile app ideas to life, we’d be happy to use our expertise to guide you through the process of building a new app.

Should you decide to work with us, we’ll start begin to examine and validate your ideas as well as your targeting. Our developers will then get to work in designing, developing, and testing the app, to deliver an MVP

So, what are you still waiting for? Take action before someone else creates the impression you desire!

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