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App Development: 7 Things You Should Consider Before Building An App

Technology, software, and app development are transforming into something far more realistic.

Having an app or using an application on the phone is simpler than ever. Two reasons are responsible for the change: 1st, the mobile phones’ growth and endless possibilities of creating mobile apps, and 2nd, the spatial increase in smartphone use.
Before smartphones, it was tough for coders to create an app but now It is easy to build a native application by investing in an app development platform like Swiftspeed Appcreator, a template-based drag and drop app maker.

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But it takes more than just getting an excellent infrastructure or hiring a good developer to make a successful app. Please consider the following while creating an app.

1. App Functionalities?

The most important thing to remember before you start creating an app is its purpose. Why exactly are you creating the app? Is your application going to solve an existing problem? These are questions that will decide the basic functionality of the app.

app development

If you are an upcoming or aspiring developer, you do not need to create multiple apps for the same reason. If an app has already been developed for your app’s idea, what do you do differently? Find out what you want your app to do, then build it; you may hire a developer or use no coding app development platform such as Swiftspeed Appcreator.

2. App Design In App Development

The application’s design aspects are enough to determine whether the app would be a huge success or a colossal blunder. Thus, the chances are that if you create an app that your customers will find easy to use, you will be able to have great success.

The design should warrant that nothing frivolous is included and ensure that the information is short, succinct, and natural. Offer yourself the time to properly build your interface by designing those areas according to what you want to happen.

3. Understand Competition

Now that you are aware of the kind of app you want to create, its functionality, and the design, the next step in the strategy is to carry out comprehensive market analysis to find apps offering similar functionalities and features; those are your competitors. What do you take from what they have? What needs to be added so you can incorporate it into your app? Please look at these features and strive to include some of them in your product design for an effective user experience.

4. App Development Cost

There are many uncompleted app-building projects either because of the lack of a cost estimate or not considering all relevant factors before the app development began. App development is costly, and finding a developer is a challenge. However, costs also differ from the sophistication and functionality of the app. The more features your app has, the more it will cost as most app developers charge a cost per feature/functionality.

Contrary to common opinion, it’s budgeting for additional growth that never stops. This is where they have been missing it. Typically the secret is underestimated expenditures, which are a part of app growth. The software development process consists of building, deploying, and maintaining the software. The cost of maintenance, teaching users to use the program, security, and hosting services are hidden costs. All these come into play after the app development has been concluded.

5. Targeted Platform

You must pick the platform that your app will be designed for. What platforms do you want your app to be available on? A web-based app will be a better choice to use, so even though consumers have an iPhone, they can still use the mobile website. Depending on what you want, you may make your software available for devices from Android to iOS. In today’s world of increased use of smartphones and other mobile devices, iOS and Android are the most common mobile operating systems. Therefore, creating an app that would work on both platforms would stand out in the marketplace.

app development
Android App Mockup Design


App development platform such as Swiftspeed Appcreator is Hybrids. And apps made with our platform are compatible with the following OS:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web/Html
  • PWA, Progressive Web App

6. Do You Want To Make Your App Free, Freemium, Paid, or Monetized.

One of the important decisions you have to look at is whether you will be providing your app for free, charge for it, or what strategies you would use for app monetization, such as Mobile app advertisement. However, it would help if you remembered that people are less willing to pay for apps than items. By selling additional items of interest (Additional items), you can make your app free or paid and still have some core characteristics.

The best approach for this is to integrate rewards into the app itself. With monetization features, you can add in-app advertising and ask users to pay a certain fee to remove the ads.

7. Hire A Developer or Use App Development Platform.

In addition to determining which programming language you use, you need to determine how you want to create the application. Do you want to recruit a team of mobile app developers? Or is this more of an internal project? If you intend to create the app yourself, then by all means. The only choice that will provide you with a good knowledge of app building is to choose the one that offers good training.

If you want to learn how to create apps and have an “I want to learn how to become a mobile app developer” mentality, you will have to enroll in a mobile app development course. There is no harm in trying to write your own codes at some point. Even if you want to create an app like the Make-things happen apps, the best way to succeed is to invest the time and money in making a high-quality app. Sometimes you may also want to consider app development platforms like Swiftspeed Appcreator, which offers the needed tools to Create, Publish, and Market your app.

Finally, What Do I Think?

App development is an incredible experience. But think about these issues as you grow your app; it could be a better way. What if you can create your professional app with a fraction of cost or time?

app development


Swiftspeed Appcreator addresses both of these questions. Swiftspeed is a mobile app creator that makes development easier. You do not need to know how to code. We have easy to use a template for creating a fully functional product. You can either develop your app with web-based models or build from scratch on the web-based framework.

As you consider designing your app, Swiftspeed Appcreator provides an unmatched service of removing all the tension away. You can build and use your app in no time.

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