App Builder, Shared Ads Policy

UPDATE: This policy no longer applies to our term of services as we have completely remove monetization from free plan. Paid plan users now have 100% control of their app monetization

Swiftspeed Appcreator App Builder shares ad space with you on a ratio of 70 by 30; i.e., you have control over 70% of your ad space, and we fill in the rest of the ad space (30%) with our own ads. After creating your application, ads will start to appear in your application immediately.

Please be informed that it is strictly against our policy that you click on your application’s ads. Out rightly, Admob will block you if you do so as every click must come from genuine user interest. That’s not all, our system will filter your app, and we will permanently delete the application from our App Maker platform. Please read the Admob policy and our Term of service.

If you use our App Builder for the sole purpose of [clicking on your own app ads] to generate revenue or ask users to click on ads for you, we will suspend your application and equally suspend your account effective immediately. We have tools to identify invalid activity, and your app will be flagged out almost immediately.

Please always ensure that clicks on ads from your apps come from genuine app user interest to build a business community for yourself and thrive with us on your mobile app journey. If you do not wish to display any ads in your application or wish to have a hundred % total control of ads that appear in your application, kindly buy a PAID APP subscription.