Swiftspeed Appcreator is a DIY (do it yourself) cross-platform, and [open source-based] mobile App Creator developed and managed by the infamous Nigeria technology company “Ssu-Technology Limited.[1]“. The product has powered many local businesses across the mobile apps market by providing powerful tools to integrate all kinds of businesses in order to reach targeted customers and end-users. It is also the first[2] of its kind in Africa. The solution works incredibly for all type of customers as it requires no-coding or computer programming knowledge to build a powerful Android[3]IOS, or progressive web application (PWA).

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FOUNDERAkinola Abulakeem Akinade
FOUNDED ATLagos, Nigeria
PURPOSEMobile App development
HEADQUARTERSOpposite, La-Champagne tropicana, Ibeju Lekk Lagos State
Ssu-Technology Limited

The parent company was established in 2017. With the vision of providing effective and open source projects and other software to enable people to achieve their goals, dreams, and chances of venturing into technology Swiftspeed Appcreator was launched on Oct 15th, 2018.

It was made an open-source project so as to allow it, users, to use their own personal and customized module with the software to build powerful mobile apps. The time and cost of Applications nowadays are outrageous, in fact, the data-driven gross expenses of making a standard application are unspeakable. The project was embarked upon to help users who don’t or know little about programming, save themselves the hassle of time and unnecessary cost and expenses.

At swiftspeedappcreator.com we build Technologies to achieve users goal our motor is “If You Can Think It, You Can Build It”


We are constantly working to add new features, improve custom design options, and provide security protections that our publishers can depend on.  We recently introduced hundreds of customization options including private Live Chat Rooms allowing app users to enjoy closed secure group chats and a new partnership with MetaCert has made SWIFTSPEED APPMAKER the first mobile app making company in the world to incorporate malware and phishing protection within native apps.

Swiftspeed Appcreator made it possible to create multiple mobile platform supported applications such as Android, IOS, HTML, and the latest progressive web apps (PWA). Mobile applications are developed based on content management system (CMS[10] drag and drop) and therefore often regarded by customers as the WordPress of apps. The App maker also provides a comprehensive analytical dashboard to help users understand how their apps are performing with tailored based information on individual projects. With the provision of UI/UX back-end tools, users are able to create their own mobile applications without any prior knowledge of coding or computer programming. The current version of their platform is version 4.18.20, with many past versions such as 3.90.99, 4.11.10, 4.15.5, etc.

The platform supports: Chat features, E-commerce integration feature, Wallet feature, Appointment Feature, Trivia and Quiz feature, Cab Ride feature, Food kitchen feature, and a host of many other features[11]. Swiftspeed Appcreator has received reviews from many sources, CNET[12]Review IO[13], and even Trustpilot are an example, also helpful content and results were returned when searching on Google Search[14]

We believe it is a myth that DIY mobile apps have to look boilerplate or have limited capabilities.  Our apps demonstrate how each app can be created in a unique, personal way containing the information that a company, organization, or individual is looking to convey, with no coding or technical experience required.