About Swiftspeed Appcreator

Swiftspeed Appcreator

Our vision

Swiftspeed Appcreator empowers market professionals to address challenging challenges with; sleek mobile applications that are simple to build, easy to handle, and accessible to everyone.

Who We Are?

We are a global team of experts devoted to helping you transform your app concepts into business reality. Drawn from a wide range of cultures, lifestyles, and experiences, All of us at Swiftspeed bring a significant contribution to our company, with everyone contributing a little to make us all stronger and better for it.

What We Do

%Swiftspeed Appcreator%App Maker

Swiftspeed Appcreator is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) framework that does for mobile apps what Wix/WordPress has done for websites; helps non-technical professionals to easily create mobile apps with a minimum of custom coding or drag and drop development. Anyone can build, resell, and manage their applications without any special training. Our App Maker Platform has been used by Fortune 500 businesses to create, publish, and manage thousands of applications serving millions of consumers every day.

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Swiftspeed Appcreator Company Profile
FOUNDER/CEO Akinola Abdulakeem Akinade
TYPE Private Limited Liability Company (LLC)
PURPOSE Mobile App development

Opposite, La-Champagne Tropicana, Ibeju Lekki Lagos State, Nigeria

7, Bell Yard, Westminster, London, WC2A 2JR.
PARENT ORGANIZATION Ssu-Technology Limited
WEBSITE http://swiftspeedappcreator.com

Swiftspeed Appcreator is a cross-platform and open-source mobile app maker developed and managed by “Ssu-Technology Limited” The product has powered a range of multinational mobile software companies and local businesses by providing strong mobile App Maker software to integrate all form of businesses to meet targeted customers and end-users. It’s also the first of its kind in Africa. The approach fits extremely well for all clients’ forms since it needs no-coding or computer programming skills to build a powerful Android, IOS, or progressive web application (PWA).


Empowering a great team

Empowering a great team

At Swiftsped Appcreator we want to build amazing stuff, and we understand it’ll take a great team to get there. We believe in recruiting “A” players and offering them the resources and freedom to excel.

Make our customers win.

Make our customers win.

From the largest enterprises to the smallest “mom and pop shop,” our team is relentless in helping our customers exceed their goals and take home the gold.

Own It

Own It

We take pride in our accomplishments and are proud of how we will help the entire team succeed. If you’re the sort of person who always recognizes the little things that will really make things much easier and take care of them without being questioned, you’re the kind of person we’re searching for.

Working With Us

Solution Oriented
Grow & Thrive With Us

If there is a problem out there, we want to solve it. Whether it’s an issue a customer needs help with or a teammate who needs a hand, we don’t stop until a solution is found.

Work shouldn’t suck the life out of you. It should inspire you and excite you, and help you grow, both professionally and personally. We want people who want to grow, and it’s our job to make sure that they do.



We are constantly working on adding new features, improving custom design options, and providing security protections that our publishers can depend on.  We recently introduced hundreds of customization options, including private Live Chat Rooms allowing app users to enjoy closed secure group chats. A new partnership with Meta Cert has made SWIFTSPEED APPMAKER the first mobile app making company in the world to incorporate malware and phishing protection within hybrid apps.

The platform supports: Chat features, E-commerce integration feature, Wallet feature, Appointment Feature, Trivia and Quiz feature, Cab Ride feature, Food kitchen feature, and a host of many other features[11]. Swiftspeed Appcreator has received reviews from many sources, CNET[12]Review IO[13], and even Trustpilot are an example. Also, helpful content and results were returned when searching on Google Search[14]

We believe it is a myth that DIY mobile apps have to look boilerplate or have limited capabilities.  Our apps demonstrate how each app can be created in a unique, personal way containing the information that a company, organization, or individual is looking to convey, with no coding or technical experience required.