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Interesting 10 Dominating App Categories To Watch Out for In 2022 And Beyond

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Changes in the world steered many events and business paths in different directions, let’s discuss 10 Dominating App Categories. Some were long-term changes while others were short-lived, but this article seeks to educate you on 10 dominating app categories to watch out for in 2022 and beyond.

Due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the world, and as Heraclitus, a Greek Philosopher, said, “The Only Constant in Life is Change,” however, the fear of change is also a constant. Since times immemorial, humans have liked routine because it hands us a false sense of control of our lives. 

The fear of change exists because it is not sure whether the change will be a positive one or not, hence as business owners, entrepreneurs, or as individuals who offer services that could be affected by any change in tandem of events, recognition of new trends and adaptation to the trends is crucial.

Quite a handful of readers who are entrepreneurs or business persons might not have an app to offer their services in the past, and even up till now. Still, due to the sudden changes in technology, many had to develop one to suit their services and improve customer service and experience.

This blog post based on investigations by our team aims to let you know of 10 dominating app categories whose relevance is ever-green and give pointers to new entrepreneurs into new fields of app categories where they can have a cutting edge over others. Now, let’s dissect:

1. Medical Apps

Mobile apps in this category have a significant demand for use as this category tends to health and wellness, which is of utmost importance to many.

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Physicians, Doctors, and other healthcare workers can use apps to fix appointments, appointment reminders, referral services, and many more.

A vital and budding aspect of this category is “Health Education.” There are many misconceptions and misinformation regarding health, vaccines, diseases, and illnesses, etc. Health practitioners use this category’s medium to eliminate misconceptions and encourage the masses to adopt positive health behaviors and attitudes.

For example, you could create a symptom checklist for various illnesses for prompt attention and treatment by the user. You could also create an app platform that brings blood donors closer to those in need which might be useful in developing and underdeveloping countries. The apps can also serve as information about the qualifications, areas of specialty of different healthcare workers, etc.

A recent study shows that at least one digital health tool is used by 90% of US adults. An estimation by Statista the mobile health market to reach $189 billion by 2025. This isn’t the gag. The gag and the aspect that will leave you amazed is that 93% of doctors, as a whole, believe that mobile health apps can improve patient health status.

Research and Statistics like this lay bare for us that the medical field is one of the 10 dominating app categories to watch out for, most especially professionals in the medical field, an extensive area of the applicability of their specialty. In this context, a mobile app.

2. Health and Wellness Apps

Asides from the medical app for doctors, health and wellness apps usually centering around fitness programs are usually more efficient on a mobile app platform.

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There are several catchment areas on health and wellness, and examples include:

  • Weight loss apps
  • Yoga apps
  • Cooking apps
  • Gym apps
  • Meditation apps
  • Personal Training apps
  • Diet and Nutrition apps

The list of these areas is endless. One of the ways you can expand and profit immensely from health and wellness is virtual personal training. Virtual personal training is one of the mobile app areas with a considerable number of adherents. Trainers are using apps to create 30-day workout challenges with custom videos and lessons. 

According to Statista, there will be 86.3 million people in the United States using health and fitness apps by 2022. That’s an increase from 68.7 million users back in 2019. Seeing the trajectory of this trend, health and fitness apps are showing to be a cash cow now and in the nearest future.

3. Grocery Apps

Walmart and Amazon, for example, not long ago, started providing grocery delivery and pickup services which has attracted a lot of consumers for patronage. However, the success of any grocery service-oriented business rests solely on the shoulder of a mobile app for the smooth running of its operations.

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Based on a study from Business Insider, grocery online shopping has shown an astronomical increase over the years. From 24% in 2019 to 51%- 57% in 2021 and an estimated 55% to 66% by 2024.

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Grocery business on the mobile app gives it a more competitive edge over conventional walk-into store grocery shopping. The handy nature of mobile phones makes it easier on mobiles than laptops, desktops, etc.

Asides from the ease of use, grocery apps save information about the user’s orders; the user’s name, address, phone number, email address, and payment information can all be safely stored within the user’s profile, and when it is time, make an order or purchase, a single click would do the trick without having to input the aforementioned information for every purchase.

As time has changed, people would always and have preferred comfort and ease over any other alternative; hence, there is an increasing demand for mobile apps in the grocery shopping space. Businesses that can recognize this and adapt quickly are diving into a gold mine.

4. Education and E-Learning Apps

The emergence of the covid-19 pandemic increased the demand for remote learning as efforts to reduce the outbreak include avoiding large gatherings and social distancing measures. The pandemic has increased the demand for education and e-learning apps. 

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Lots of people are using e-learning apps to attain new skills or qualifications. For example, Udemy, an e-learning platform, saw a 425% increase in online course enrollments in 2020. Duolingo, a mobile app for learning new languages, experienced a 148% increase in new user signups during a single month in 2020.

There are also lots of new educational and e-learning apps on the market targeted towards children. Kids Learning Tube is a great example of this.

There are so many untapped possibilities in the online learning space. There would be an upsurge in the release and adoption of this aspect in years to come.

5. Food Delivery and Restaurant Apps

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic also dealt a significant blow on the income and finances of restaurants due to the lockdown and compulsory stay-at-home policies. Still, restaurants that adapted and adopted the online order and delivery strategies continued to thrive and are moving forward.

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 The images above show the food delivery app by downloads in the years 2019 and 2020.

According to Statista, a whopping 67% of people in the US prefer to order food directly from a restaurant’s website or mobile app. This is great news for restaurant owners nationwide as it gives you full control over your margins, as you won’t have to pay the fees associated with third-party services.

A dedicated restaurant app also allows you to manage reservations, send targeted promotions, and more. Customers can also keep their payment information and address on file for quick checkouts and as well.

6. Dating Apps

The major hurdle militating against the use of dating app is stigmatization associated with the use. About 30% of US adults have used an online dating app. This percentage increases to 49% for people between 18 to 29 and 38% for adults between 30 and 49.

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The stigma associated with dating apps has changed over the last several years as well. Many people are using these platforms to find a committed partner, and it’s working out.

Looking at this graph-based research from Stanford shows how couples in the US met in the last 60years.

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Looking at the graph above, you can see just one of these trend lines (red) has a significant upward trajectory, and its growth is exponential, which is online dating.

According to Statista, there are 44.2 million online dating users in the United States. This app category generates $602 million per annum.  This shows there’s lots of money to be made in this lifestyle app category.

7. Finance Apps

According to Google, 73% of smartphone users have used a mobile app to manage their finances within the last month. Investment and stock trading mobile app searches are growing 115% year-over-year.

In 2020, finance apps saw a 90% increase in install market share worldwide. People like the idea of using an app to track expenses, pay bills, save for big purchases, trade stocks, and more.

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These apps allow the average person to feel more in control over their finances, and it’s going to continue trending upward for the foreseeable future. From Android apps on the Google Play store and iOS apps on the Apple App Store—finance apps and subcategories in this aspect are quite popular on every operating system.

8. Pet Apps

Also, pet apps are one of the 1o dominating app categories to watch out for. Asides from the aforementioned categories, pets care is another category highly primed for spending heavily. For example, Americans are obsessed with their pets, which causes them to spend more and more money on animals. 

These apps provide info on the quality of food, healthcare, etc., of these pets. Pets are even getting gifts. In fact, 92% of Millennials buy their pets gifts, and 51% buy their pets gifts at least once per month. Pet apparel is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce app categories as well. For example, pet hoodie sales grew by 622% in just a one-year period. 

Another surprising reality is that 45% of pet owners in the US spend the same or more on pet healthcare than their own healthcare in a given year. So, It’s safe to say that people are willing to spend money on their pets, and there’s lots of room for apps in this space.

9. E-commerce Apps

This category has been growing exponentially for years now, with no signs of slowing down. Compared to online shopping from a mobile site or desktop browser, a mobile app offers significantly more advantages for users and businesses alike. See the conversion rate comparison between mobile browsers and mobile apps in the ecommerce space. 

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For those of you with an ecommerce presence, a mobile app has become a must-have feature. Even if you’re a small retailer interested in increasing your online presence, ecommerce platforms like Shopify allow anyone to create an ecommerce site with ease.


10 Dominating App Categories

10. Internal Communications and Employees App

In an organization, employees in carrying out their duties must communicate effectively with each other regardless of hierarchy or organizational structure, e.g., formal or informal, which is usually very arduous and tasking if it requires physical exchange of information within the workspace from different desks.

HR apps and employee communication apps are becoming the new normal for the modern workforce. With so many remote employees and field service workers out there, apps make it easy for businesses to communicate constantly with their employees from anywhere.

At Swiftspeed, we’ve seen a significant increase in requests from businesses of all shapes and sizes that need a mobile app with these types of features, which is why we addressed this in one of our blog posts on the benefits of communication apps for employees.


There are a plethora of ways to make money with mobile applications, but dealing and targeting categories and niches in tandem with current trends and developments makes you a shit ton of money.

From the analysis and explanation in this article, it is evident that the statistics provided were not just theorized or pulled out of the unknown but based on recent research, findings and trends.

If you want to create your custom app, click on the button below as we offer the best services you can ever bargain for. If you need guides on building your app from scratch without writing a single line of code, Swiftspeed is the best for you.

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